Timéo, Mailine, Yannis, Jeanne and Lubna.
They are 18, 40, 13 and 60 years old, and even older.
They are someone’s father, little brother, daughter, mother or big sister, and often two at once. An actor, photographer, or just an instagram queen. There are no models, just people you’d meet on the street, at a party or in a neighbourhood cafe.
This campaign is about reality, about people... And then fashion.
Photo : Julia Champeau (Artlist)
Models : Angele Metzger,
Mathilde Warnier, Connor Newall
Movie Director : Thomas Lachambre
Make up Artist : Satoko (Artlist)
Hair Stylist : Joseph Pujalte (Artlist)
Stylist : Jonathan Huguet (Artlist)
Production : La Multinationale