The American Vintage society

American Vintage travels round the world to meet its brand-ambassadors
and discover their inspirations, style and passions.
Today, we’ll be meeting a fashion globetrotter, a star pastry chef, a feminist poet and an up-and-coming actress.


Zoe Chan is a travel influencer, stylist and lifestyle columnist for Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire.
In between two flights, she confesses about the intimate, sensory and close relationship she has with clothes.

What does being stylish mean for you? 

It means being yourself, being at ease and being confident! For me, that looks like a mix of fresh colours and well-placed prints. I work on my look, but I don’t spend hours on it. And I like to give it all a fun twist with a cute bag or a stylish hat… I don’t take myself too seriously.

How did you find your style? 

My life philosophy is “we’ll find out”. We can’t know anything ahead of time. I choose not to fear anything, I’m going to try new things! I experimented a lot before finding “my” style.

Comfort seems to be really important for you. When do you feel most at ease? 

With my family and friends…or tucked up in bed with a Harry Potter book wearing a silky nightdress! 

What do second-skin fabrics mean to you? 

They give me confidence in myself, and help me feel unique… I’m a stylist, but I don’t really follow fashion trends. I prefer listening to the hearts and bodies of people and their way of wearing clothes.

What’s your American Vintage key look this season? 

My beloved striped cupro shirt that I often wear in the streets of Hong Kong. It’s beautifully comfortable and I wear it with polka-dot trousers and a leather print bag. That’s my style.



Yohann Caron is second-in-command pastry chef at a luxury Paris palace.
This creative leading light of French gastronomy expresses his style in the kitchen and social media.

What do you wear when you’re not in uniform? 

I love making a visual impression with a strong piece of clothing as part of a simple ensemble. I’m all about understated style, but with that little extra that draws the eye. People often tell me that I’m a chic urban dandy.

When do you feel totally at ease in your clothes? 

At work, when I’m in the middle of culinary creations. That’s what I’m passionate about… I wear canvas trousers and my work jacket which, I hope, will one day a bit more stylish than what we currently get given! 

So working on your style is just as important as working on the look of one of your pastry creations? 

Yeah, that’s how I feel. I love my job but I also love fashion, materials, good cuts and all that. I want to show that clothing can be as stylish as dessert! Which doesn’t stop me from doing my bit for the planet. At work and with my wardrobe, I work hard to avoid waste. I work with seasonal products and don’t throw any clothes away. Everything can be reused with a bit of creativity.

What’s your American Vintage look this season? 

An open shirt with a nice white T-shirt underneath. Simple but effective.



Charly Remy Cox is a poet, producer and author of the bestselling “She Must Be Mad”, a poetry anthology for the next generation.
She is also an ambassador of the “MQ: Transforming Mental Health” charity in the UK.

How do you know when you’ve really found your style? 

It’s when you’ve found a look that is so “you” that even if other people wear your clothes, they won’t be able to look like you… Or at least, they won’t look as good! 

How would you describe your style? 

Very eclectic… That might seem like a bit of a cliché, but it’s true. I like a bit of everything, and you can tell how I’m feeling by what I’m wearing. I always feel like I look like a crazy person (haha), but I’m really ok with that.

You’ve just come back from Los Angeles, what did you bring back with you? 

Leopard prints and oversize denim. As soon as I got there, I was so excited about spending my trip in a pair of boyfriend jeans that I’ve now decided to never take off.

What does independence mean for you? 

Walking around town with no particular aim in mind. Sitting in a pub. Going to a restaurant on my own. Those are times where I feel like I’m in the right place, in harmony with myself. In general, I wear comfortable clothes that let me move around freely but still make me feel like I’m on a date with myself.

What’s your American Vintage look this season? 

I’ve developed an obsession with cream-coloured raw denim jeans. They’re anti-low waist, unisex (or almost) and let me mess around with layering. It’s timeless! 



Annabelle Belmondo is an actress and model.
She shares her vision of the world and fashion with us, somewhere between Paris and California.

People often talk about Parisian style: do you think there is such a thing? 

For me, style means something different for different people, and I love people who have another perspective on it than me. It’s more interesting to see how people express themselves through their clothes, rather than imposing rules and dogmas from above.

How do you choose your clothes? 

I think it’s important to wear natural and pure materials. It’s more delicate and better for the planet. A pair of jeans and a cotton T-shirt, a cashmere jumper during winter… And like with materials, I like neutral and comfortable colours. I’m both Californian and Parisian, and my style is a cool and elegant mix of both.

So caring for the environment is important for you? 

Absolutely. Washing synthetic clothes in the washing machine sends chemical particles into the water, and then into the soil. These microplastics are playing a very significant role in coastal pollution around the world. Not many people realise that.

Paris, Los Angeles…Travelling must be a lifestyle for you? 

I travel for leisure and for work, and I don’t get tired of it. I complain about having to pack, but I’m always happy to start a new adventure once I’ve arrived.

What’s your American Vintage key look this season? 

I love the thalasso-coloured “Manina” cardigan! I love this piece so much that I would like to have one in each colour. The cut is chic yet laid-back, with wide sleeves but adjusted at the waist and yet very feminine.

Where do you hang out in Paris? 

Near where I live in the 3rd arrondissement, but also in the 9th, 10th and 11th arrondissements, my favourite parts of Paris. I’m often away from the city, but when I’m there, I go walking around with my dog and enjoy meeting friends for coffee.